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A 12 Week Transformational Program
A Sacred Container of
Mindset  |  Energy  |  Alignment  |  Magic


3 years ago I was living a life so out of balance. I was performing 30-50 concerts a year, teaching at multiple colleges, working a full time marketing & sales job in the music industry, on top of a busy travel schedule presenting workshops and classes across the U.S... AND trying to fit in a new family as well. I kept telling myself, "I'll find balance WHEN...." but the when never came. I was overworked, stretched too thin and burned out because I felt like that's what I "should" be doing.


Deep down, I knew I was meant for moreBut I remember feeling like I didn't have a choice. I accomplished so many incredible things, which was amazing, but I also neglected to have balance and take care of myself on the inside while doing so. (And if these accomplishments weren't "perfect", I was really hard on myself.) I thought that by "doing more" and "having more" that I was living a life of abundance, but little did I know it was the complete opposite.


I realized I had to do some deep inner work to figure out how to start living a life that was balanced in all areas, and one that was completely my choice. A life that felt abundant on the INSIDE. What I discovered about living in alignment with true abundance was that our beliefs about ourselves and what we are worth along with our own vibrational frequency dictate how much abundance we experience. 


To live a life in alignment and feel true abundance inside - that's where the magic happens.  


Love + gratitude - Shivhan


Fast forward to today, where the art of manifestation and a spiritual mindset has completely changed my life. I left my corporate job of 12 years, creating a life of BALANCE and FREEDOM where it absolutely IS possible to have a career filled with passion without sacrificing family time or your own self care. I've created the most gorgeous circle of friends, strengthened my relationships, while loving what I do, but most of all I fell back in love with MYSELF. Living a life in alignment with who I really am. And treating myself accordingly. 


Now I teach you to do the same. So you can fall back in love with YOU. And treat yourself like the queen you really are. Healing in an empowering way.


Over the course of 12 weeks, I take you through the ultimate mindset and energy transformation. We dive deep into clarity, shadow work, energy healing, embodiment, mindfulness, feminine energy, human design and inspired action.   

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“You really are magic and have that “thing” that makes people feel truly seen. You’re worth a million bucks lady!”

—  Sonia Evans, Success Coach

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how itworks

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will receive LIVE weekly calls with me and the other women in the academy. Alongside your weekly sessions, you will receive lifetime access to the course, with resources that include powerful rituals, meditations, journaling exercises, energy healing practices and more. The same transformational resources and tools that I used for my own journey.

You will also receive full support throughout in The Vibe Academy private FB group as I wholeheartedly believe in COMMUNITY and finding your tribe.
Because on an energetic level, we literally become the people we spend the most time with.


And I know from my own personal experience, surrounding myself with other high vibe, like-minded women on the same path of personal and spiritual growth resulted in HUGE shifts for me. Which is why I felt called to create a sacred container for other women to experience that too.


If you are a female creative, musician or entrepreneur who wants to take their mindset to the next level, and who seeks balance + empowerment from the inside out, this course is for you. 

Talking all things mind, body + spirit, shifting your energy and showing up as your highest self. 

BONUS: If you sign up to pay in full you will receive

FREE 1:1 session with me worth $175

to use at any time throughout the course

It's time to fall back in love with YOU and watch the magic unfold.


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