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For the woman ready to claim her desires and tap into her infinite potential.
Focus on YOU and watch the magic unfold.

Currently closed. Keep your eye out for the next round to drop soon.

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A 3 Month Immersion 
The Manifestation Vortex is a high touch program and coaching experience that becomes a close sisterhood. With world class coaching & weekly content drops, the community is just the cherry on top!


If we want to see our goals manifest physically, we must shift energetically. The Manifestation Vortex dives deep into the mindset and energetics that propel you to the next level experience of your life.


This is for you if you are ready to:


🔹 Manifest every single thing that you want. This can be: the career of your dreams, the relationship you've been dreaming of, the wealth & income you know you are a match for.


 🔹 Learn the art of manifestation and therefore always know how to get exactly what you want


 🔹 Create results in a timeline that doesn't make logical sense


🔹 Completely upgrade your frequency and therefore the things you attract into your life

 🔹Become a manifestation queen and learn the tools that help you manifest what you want on demand


🔹 Know how to always tap into abundance and therefore receive effortlessly


Can't wait to see you on the inside!
xx Shivhan


With Mindset + Manifestation Coach

Shivhan Dohse Morton


A run down of what's included in the Manifestation Vortex:

✨Weekly Content Drops + Prompts - $999 value

✨ Weekly Q&A's - This is the wisdom you go implement and changes the trajectory of your desire - $555 value

✨ Two hot seat coaching LIVE calls per month - $777 value

This is the GOLD that applies to you on a personal level (VIP ONLY)

✨Private community aka sisterhood - priceless

✨Bonuses and first access to 1:1 coaching options, future programs - priceless


Currently $699. Price increases to $777 as program begins.


VIP option (by application only) includes hot seat coaching calls currently $999. Increases to $1111.

*call times alternate to accommodate women joining from different time zones - US, Germany, Australia, etc!


The manifestation & energetic principles you will learn can be applied to any area: love & relationships, health, wealth, self love, career, etc. 🔥


We start the second round in May, focusing on MANIFESTATION.


This is truly an opportunity to create significant change in your life and step into the next level version of you who already has her desires.


Join me for this incredible experience - I'd love to see you there!



What would it be like if you went all in on yourself? And your dreams & desires?

Moving through the world as the woman who taps into her energy, true essence, confidence, magnetism and unapologetic expression?

I created the Manifestation Vortex for the woman who knows she is meant for more, and craves a space to go bigger by leading with her heart, embodiment and truth first. This is the next level you've been looking for.    

What women from the first round have said:

"This made me a firm believer in manifestation and the power of one's thoughts and energy. It gave me the most incredible ah-ha moment and made me realize that I can manifest anything. The program gave me so many great things to think about over the course of a few months - with journaling prompts and video drops. It helped guide me in a consistent way to make my dreams a reality."


"The Manifestation Vortex is a complete immersion into realizing your full potential!! Highly recommend!!!"

"Working with Shivhan has been truly amazing! Engaging in this process has been an enlightening journey, enabling me to identify my deepest desires and empowering me to realize that I can manifest anything my heart desires!"

“Tell me what is it you plan to do with your

one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

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