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Claim your most aligned year yet.


For the entrepreneur ready to raise her vibration, learn the art of manifestation and manifest more love, wealth + success in her life.


This is not for the average woman.


This is for the woman looking to manifest more money, more freedom, limitless wealth, and an unshakeable mindset. 

Deepening your spiritual practice to tap into a higher consciousness and truly see and feel that abundance is everywhere.

Falling head over heels in love with yourself and treating yourself like the queen or goddess you really are. 

Knowing your soul's truth and that you really do get to have it all.

You're going to understand how to raise your vibration and show up as the most embodied, magnetic version of yourself.

Tapping into your feminine energy and the laws of the universe,


so you can shatter every glass ceiling you've ever had.


After mastering this myself, I see the world differently. 


I see myself differently.

And I'm taking you on the journey with me.

Spilling Sand
Meditate at the beach

There are plenty of women out there who are exhausted, doubting themselves and saying no to themselves all while looking outside of themselves for some magic pill to make it better.


When the magic was inside them all along.


You will leave my program:


Feeling confident: Knowing who you are, what you want and what action is best to take.

Feeling Magnetic: Understanding the laws of the universe to attract the people, resources + opportunities to manifest your desires.

Feeling Connected: Feeling more sisterhood, love and genuine connection in your life.

Feeling Self Respect: Loving yourself from the inside out, and treating yourself like the limitless woman you really are. 

It's time to tap into your inner calm and your infinite power. 

Because let me tell you...


Anyone who can master their mind, can master their life, wealth and love. They can truly have deep happiness every single day.

I know this because I used to be you.

If my life and the life of my clients can change in the most magical ways from the inside out, so can yours.


The tools and techniques I use in my coaching program are the same ones that I used for my own transformation.



I think you will find, as I did, that you will be the best thing you've ever invested in.


“You really are magic and have that “thing” that makes people feel truly seen. You’re worth a million bucks lady!”

—  Sonia Evans, Success Coach

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain


say yes to yourself

And start feeling like a million bucks.

Because I know it's your time to quantum leap.


12 sessions
DM coaching M-F

Money Vibes
The Manifestation Vortex

Raise Your Vibe 21 Day Challenge

Valued at $7,500

* 4 payments of $1000 or $3333 P
ay in full 


My 3 Month Group Immersion

Weekly Content Drops + Prompts
2x/month Group Coaching Calls
Private Community aka Sisterhood

Valued at $1999

*$444/month payment plan or $1,111 pay in full
(yours for free with private coaching)

raise your vibe
21 day challenge

aka the secrets to my morning routine

Breakthrough + Identity Training
Raise Your Vibe Daily Formula 
Q&A's + Giveaways
Private Community aka Sisterhood

Valued at $222

*$99 w/ lifetime access 
(yours for free with private coaching)

Apply or Book a call to discuss further.

Grow Your Vision


Hi love, I'm Shivhan <3

Mindset + Manifestation Coach for entrepreneurs to step into your magnetic frequency, learn the art of manifestation and manifest more love, wealth + success in your life.

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