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I've compiled all of my mantras from the past two years into a comprehensive guide - just for you.

You can use these every day or whenever you need. You may also message me to customize a coffee mug or journal with your favorite mantra. xx


raise your vibe
21 day challenge

I'm SO excited you're here!

Because if you're reading this, it means you've already been through a few rounds of my Raise Your Vibe 21 Day Challenge! Eek!

You know by now that this is the portal to plug into with other incredible women, where anything is possible and you get to have it ALL.
As I decide the evolution of this group, there are a few choices moving forward. Every woman who joins gets entered into the giveaways automatically for 3 rounds.


Following those 3 rounds, you may enter into the giveaways by signing up for 1 round at a time. (You choose which round. Each purchase will be for one round only.)


If you know you're in and want to stay for the ride continuously, you may jump in on a monthly recurring payment. You will be entered into the giveaways automatically for every round until you decide to cancel.


Each future round will be $18.88 to join the Q&A/Giveaways. Prizes will be drawn valued up to $222. 

I stand by my word that once you are in, you're in forever. So you may also choose to stay posting in the group for free! Once you've completed your 3 rounds with the giveaways, you will receive lifetime access to the group. If you decide to join in on the giveaways again, you may do so at any time - for single rounds or indefinitely.
Click on your preferred choice:

I'm SO grateful to have you in this community, and I can't wait to see your future intentions + manifestations!

To the moon! XOXO

With Mindset & Manifestation Coach
Shivhan Dohse Morton

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