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I've compiled all of my mantras from the past two years into a comprehensive guide - just for you.

You can use these every day or whenever you need. You may also message me to customize a coffee mug or journal with your favorite mantra. xx


raise your vibe

This is the year you put you and your desires first.


This is the year you make it happen.


And become the person you know you are here to be.


And I'm here to help you do it.

To help you drop the fear, doubt, overthinking, uncertainty, and step into the version of you who already has her desires.


And then watch them appear.

This is for you if: 

🔹 You want 2024 to be the year you put you and your desires first, and make them a reality

🔹 You know you are meant for more and you're ready to go all in on  yourself

🔹 You want to feel unstoppable and magnetic in who you are and what you want

🔹 You're done with the excuses. You're ready to claim all that is meant for you, and 2024 is where it happens

It's time to make your desires a reality.

It's time to blow your own mind with what you are capable of.

The Raise Your Vibe Membership Includes:

🔹 The Raise Your Vibe 21 Day Challenge aka the secrets to my morning routine (lifetime access)

🔹 Weekly Content Drops: This is the wisdom you go implement and changes the trajectory of your desire. Dropped via audio for easy listening on the go.

🔹 LIVE Q&A's and giveaways with prizes drawn valued up to $222: This is the GOLD that applies to you on a personal level

🔹 The Raise Your Vibe Community aka Sisterhood

 The Raise Your Vibe Membership is $55.55/month. Cancel anytime or stay forever. 😉

What is the Raise Your Vibe 21 Day Challenge that is included?


It's aka the morning routine you've always wanted.


Where you learn the secrets to set your day up for health, wealth, love & success, and manifest your desires with my Raise Your Vibe Daily Formula.
Transform your mind, transform your life. So that you can be, do or have anything you desire.
This is the portal to plug into with other incredible women, on the same 21 day journey, where anything is possible and you get to have it ALL.

Q&A's and giveaways with prizes drawn valued up to $222. Begins April 1st with lifetime access, and option to join any future rounds.

Only join if you want your life to shift <3 <3


What women have said about the Raise Your Vibe 21 Day Challenge:

This challenge improved my sleeping, my peace of mind and overall confidence and happiness! Highly recommend 💗
- Sonja

Shivhan has the best energy and made this challenge so supportive! It was so empowering to CHOOSE and SET the vibe for the day, before the world gets to decide it for you. We really are such powerful beings, and this process is not only a reminder, but PROOF of that!
- Jess

It made me so much more aware of how I feel when I first wake up and reminded me I have the power to influence how I feel and start and end my day. It's exactly the morning routine I need when life is busy and even though I wasn't perfect at it, I feel so lucky to have learnt how to approach my routine this way.

I've been coaching for a few years now and always had a morning routine, but this was so much more potent and holistic. Your guidance was exactly perfect and all the doubts that have stopped me in the past were cleared. I just adore your energy and vibe.
-Pamella, Life + Business Coach

“I loved it! I love that I am now continuing to remember my intention for the day- throughout the day!!”

“I love this group so much! I'm gonna keep going and keep posting in here until someone kicks me out!”

“This challenge has helped me build my bandwidth for remaining calm in the face of adversity. Like being in the eye of the storm. Letting the world swirl around me and holding onto my truth and my strength.”

“I am able to set an intention for the day and KEEP IT! I've never been able to do this before!!”

“I'm feeling empowered and at peace because I have this touchstone now throughout each and every day. And it just relieves so much stress and pressure somehow. To know all I have to do is call my vibe back up.”

“Loving the morning ritual!!”

“I feel empowered to call in my desires because I have really cultivated that feeling of openness and readiness to receive in my body this morning. Definitely the most impactful morning so far in terms of embodied work.”

“This is the most peaceful morning I've had in a long time due to this routine. I declared my vibe for the day to be POWERFUL.”

“I am so thankful for YOU and for these 21 days 💗💗💗”

“Been practicing the _____ and ______. It's a beautiful practice and adds more intentionality to my day. Loving it, thank you.”

“I loved becoming more intentional with my morning routine. The ______ were a great addition, and _____ was so much fun! It helped me look at my journey with so much trust, understanding, and LOVE. The community and support was the cherry on top. Plus, it was cool to see what everyone else was experiencing, and maybe even get some inspo!”

With Mindset & Manifestation Coach
Shivhan Dohse Morton


Hi love, I'm Shivhan <3

Mindset + Manifestation Coach for Entrepreneurs to step into their magnetic frequency and manifest more love, wealth + success in their life.

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